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UZH Zentrum für Krisenkompetenz (CCC)


We are pleased to invite you to Univer-Cities 2023 (UC2023), a conference comprising keynote speeches, thematic sessions, and a mini-conference that focuses on the role of universities in urban development and climate change. UC2023 will be held in Zurich, Switzerland, on 19-20 November 2023, and is organized by a team of experts in urban studies, sustainable development, and higher education. The conference is a cooperation with the UZH Center for Crisis Competence (CCC).

UC2023 aims to bring together academics, policymakers, and practitioners from different fields to explore the symbiotic relationship between universities and cities in the context of climate change and changing environments. The participants will discuss and strengthen a White Paper on Univer-Cities and changing environments.

Why UC2023 is different from other Climate Change-themed conferences

  • UC2023 offers a unique narrative and setting, combining academic excellence with urban innovation, and showcasing the best practices & applied research of Univer-Cities from Asia and the Western world.
  • UC2023 focuses on the practical implications of Univer-Cities for climate change mitigation and adaptation and explores the role of universities in developing sustainable solutions for urban environments.
  • UC2023 encourages cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral collaborations, by bringing together scholars, policymakers, and practitioners from different fields, and by providing a platform for networking, learning, and sharing applied research experiences.

Confirmed Speakers

  • Prof. Gianmaria F. Ajani, Past-President of University of Turin
  • Prof. Bertil Andersson, Advisory Board Univer-Cities & Trustee, Nobel Foundation, Stockholm
  • Prof. Asit K. Biswas, Stockholm Water Prize Winner, Glasgow University
  • Sir L. Borysiewizc, Emeritus Vice Chancellor of University of Cambridge
  • Prof. Ben Horton, Dean, Earth Observatory Singapore (EOS), NTU
  • Dr Gordon Johnson, Former Deputy Vice Chancellor, Cambridge & Twice President of The Royal Asiatic Society
  • Mr. Lim Chern Yuan, Group Chief Executive Officer, Yinson Holdings Berhad, Kuala Lumpur
  • Prof. Katharina Michaelowa, Dean, Faculty of Philosophical Sciences, University of Zurich
  • Prof Cecilia Tortajada, Glasgow University & Mexico Water Institute, Glasgow

More information

Download the programUC2023 Program10 (PDF, 618 KB)