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UZH Zentrum für Krisenkompetenz (CCC)

«Crisis Conference Call»: The Ukraine-Russia-NATO Crisis: How did we get here? And what's the way forward?

Let's take a step back from the daily news and ask: What is the current crisis surrounding Ukraine really about when seen in historical and political context?


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How can a further escalation be prevented, and how competently is the crisis being handled by the parties involved? What could be the effects of economic and financial sanctions in case of a Russian military invasion? What are the potential implications of the crisis for Europe, Switzerland and each of us individually?

In this «Crisis Conference Call», we will discuss these and other issues with Professor Jeronim Perović of the University of Zurich, a leading expert on Russia and Eastern Europe. There is also an opportunity for video call participants to ask questions.


Jeronim Perović teaches Eastern European History at the University of Zurich and is the director of the university's Center for Eastern European Studies (CEES). He was an international student at the Russian State University for the Humanities in Moscow and has held scholarships at Harvard University, the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington DC, and Stanford University.